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Hot For Friday Hot Kiss! ~ Denying Bjorn!

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Today's hop is all about our characters sharing a smoking hot kiss. Now, this kiss can be slow and sensual, or a hungry,  I can't wait to rip your clothes off simmering hot kiss!! LOL  Today I'm featuring Lydia and Bjorn from Denying Bjorn, Book 2 of my Pyreer Series. 

Lydia Riley has managed to sever ties with her old lover and relocate to Diamond City to start a new life. Months later strong feelings for her boss, Bjorn Jensen develop and they become close. However, she's not ready to trust him with her secret and continues to deny him the truth. Between past and current threats, she realizes the odds are stacking up against her and the skeletons in her closet could cost she and Bjorn the happiness they've been waiting all their lives for. 

Bjorn has fulfilled his destiny by over-seeing the wellbeing of his Dragon Lord. For centuries, he's led a lonely existence as a Protector, but now he's forced to take a long hard look at his life. The brown-eyed beauty from Moonbay City has captured his heart and soul, but there’s just a few things standing in their way of having a normal relationship. His immortality and a little curse from a shaman he encountered centuries ago. 

Eventually Bjorn discovers Lydia’s past and helps her overcome an old rival. During the process, he makes a major sacrifice that could condemn him to darkness beyond the Realm of Pyreer.

After dinner, Bjorn and Lydia took a stroll along the beach. She’d slipped off her shoes,
enjoying how the smooth, powdery sand felt beneath her feet and between her toes.
She shivered in anticipation as she listened to the waves crashing against the beach. This
was sure romantic, and for once, she felt as though she could let her guard down. Lydia’s
heart almost stopped when she felt Bjorn’s hand reach for hers.

Stifling a moan in her throat, and trying to ignore the hardening of her nipples, she
spoke. “It sure is a beautiful night, isn’t it?” she murmured as she gazed up into the sky.
Resting beneath a myriad of thin clouds, the half-moon beckoned to her. She always
appreciated the beauty of the sky.

Bjorn looked up as well while squeezing her hand. “Yes, so beautiful. Nights like these
help to clear the mind, especially when you have someone to share them with.” He looked
down at her before stopping in his tracks. Seemingly mesmerized, he pulled her gently
against his hard body, leaving her breathless.

Lydia found herself staring up at the tall man as he looked down at her. Helpless, she
was drawn into his sights and relaxed against his taut body. Warmth heated her loins, and
wetness soon followed as a warm breeze caressed them both. She inhaled the intoxicating
richness of his scent. The strong, spicy aroma mixed with pure, unadulterated male
infiltrated her senses as she closed her eyes.

“Kiss me,” she demanded. She needed this, needed him. His presence was like a breath
of fresh air. A few months back she hadn’t anticipated on finding someone so soon. She was
taking a chance and it didn’t scare her.

“Ah, babe,” she heard him say just before bending down and crushing his lips against

This was what she’d been wanting all along. She welcomed the gentleness, compassion,
which was quite the opposite of what Lars had shown her. Lydia opened her eyes, only to
meet his intense gaze.

His tongue slipped through her lips, seeking out and conquering hers. Together, their
bodies molded as one, they succumbed to this long-overdue passionate moment. She stood
on the tips of her toes, reveling in the moment. She needed more of him, she decided as she
ground herself against the large bulge forming in his slacks and wrapped her arms around his
body. His cock pressed against her tummy as their kisses crested.

Soon, Bjorn broke the connection, pressing his forehead against hers. “Doll, you really
need to stop.” His breathing was uncontrolled. “We both have work tomorrow, and it’s
getting late.”

She nudged him regretfully and gyrated against his throbbing cock. “You’re such a
damned tease, Bjorn.” She wanted to take things slow, but her burning body demanded to
be beneath his, writhing in passionate play until the sun rose.

She’d realized some things since they’d been together tonight. Lydia’s heart ached at the
thought of parting for the evening. Sure, she’d see him tomorrow, but tonight . . . they’d
sleep alone. Could she succumb to much-needed sleep after being with this man who
awakened something deep within her?

“I’m trying to be good, but you . . .” Bjorn breathed against her ear. “You’re making this
hard for me.”

Lydia snickered. “You know, I could easily use that against you.”

Bjorn laughed. “Yeah, well . . . no pun intended. I’m finding it difficult to control
myself.” He draped an arm around her shoulders, and they continued walking along the beach. 

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