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Ex Blues musician Robert Jackson knows he owes the love of his life an explanation for his actions, but how can he explain the dark secret he’s been harboring for the last six months? Lingering ghosts from his painful past continue to haunt him and out of desperation, he makes a decision that could push her away forever if he isn’t careful.

Jade’s suspicion of Robert gets the best of her when she realizes there’s more to her fiancée than meets the eye. For the longest time she’d been in denial, but now it’s time to face the truth. His crazy behavior and rash decisions leads her to believe there’s another woman involved and she knows for sanity’s sake, she must make some major adjustments in her life.

When it all comes to the surface, Robert is struggling to become the man he once was and Jade is faced with another decision. Nobody’s perfect, and you never know what a person’s been through until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes; but can Jade truly accept the man that she loves with all his flaws?


Chapter One
Right now, Robert should have been on top of the world. The feelings of splendor
dissipated with each show, provoking a longing within that he couldn’t understand.
After years of playing small clubs around the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, Rob and his
band, Meticulous Thunder signed a record deal and began touring. While fellow band
members were happy with their successes, Robert was not.
Men and women gyrated against each other while Dash, the lead singer of the band threw
his head back and crooned the lyrics to their hit song, Another Man’s Woman.
Robert simply smiled, suddenly realizing how empty and lonely his life was without Jade
in it every day. He had thought this was what he wanted, but nothing could be further
from the truth.
The adrenaline rush he’d often experienced was always short-lived because once he was
off stage, disappointment always sent in. Why? He shuddered and forced a smile as he
hung his head down while playing his black and silver Stratocaster guitar.
He ignored the invisible kisses the women blew at him and the sexual innuendos as a
redhead licked her lips while he gyrated against his instrument. No one in the audience
piqued his interest—ever.
With every move he made, he thought of the beautiful brown-skinned woman he’d left
behind, his fiancée, Jade. A husky groan slipped past his lips and he imagined driving
himself balls deep into his better half of five years.
Their last tour would soon be over, and he couldn’t wait to be back in her arms. After
finishing their last set, the band bowed several times in front of the crowd.
“What a show man!” Dash belted out, before whacking Robert on the back. “We gotta do
this again and soon.”
Robert sighed. No way in hell he was going on tour again. This time would be his last.
Although she was supportive of his career, it broke his heart to leave Jade. He knew his
departure had the same affect on her too, she just wouldn’t admit it.
At thirty years old, success was bittersweet and he discovered he only enjoyed his career
while on stage. The traveling and dealing with groupies begging to get into his pants was
all for the birds and he longed for a more settled life with Jade.
* * *
In the bathroom of the hotel, Robert splashed cold water on his face. With a sigh, he dried
his face with a towel. As he pulled his long black hair back into a ponytail, Jade flashed
into his mind. Though it was two o’clock in the morning, he reached for his phone and
sent her a quick text. I’ll be back to you soon, babe. He smiled. In the morning she’d call
him during her break time, and they’d talk until he had a sound check or bus to the next
city to catch. This had been their routine while he was on the road.
A knock came at the door and he heard Dash open it. Two or more women squealed, and
it made his skin crawl.
He walked out into the room to find three women groping his lead singer.
“Dash, what the fuck man? Thought we were hanging together tonight.”
Dash rubbed his stubbly chin before raising a beer bottle while the brunette ran her
fingers through his blonde tresses. “Plans have changed, my friend. These fine young
ladies will be keeping us company tonight.”
“Oooh, my damn. He’s even cuter in person.” a light skinned black woman sauntered
over to him in a fire engine red barely-there dress. “Hey baby, I’m Debbie. I hear you
have a taste for chocolate,” she purred while circling Robert like a shark.
“Yeah, for my fiancée.” Robert stated firmly. It always seemed like Dash was trying to
set his ass up.
“Ah, come on man.” Dash teased. “Gotta have a little fun while on the road.” He
removed a plastic baggie from his leather jacket. “Care to chase the dragon with us?”
“Mmm, and what mighty big dragon Robert must have.” Debbie licked her lips, reaching
for Robert’s crotch.
“Hell no,” Robert snapped, quickly blocking her hand and backing away. “Going back to
my room, man.” Good thing they had separate rooms. There was no telling what Dash
would do while he was sleeping. He’d probably go as far as to slipping a woman into his
bed during the night.
“Can I come with you?” Debbie pouted and followed him to the door. With a sharp sigh,
she circled her arms around his waist.
“No.” Robert grasped her arms, shoving her away. “Listen to me, I’m committed to my
fiancée, Jade.”
“Be nice man,” Dash stated coldly, “These are our fans.”
“Dash, I don’t have time for this shit! I can’t do this to Jade.”
“She knows you’re a musician, right?” The brunette shrugged. “Of course she knows you
like to party. What musician hasn’t fucked around on his woman while on the road?”
“No, it’s not like that. Jade and I—we trust each other.” Why did he suddenly have the
need to explain himself to these idiots?
Dash snorted. “Yeah, right.”
“Well, can you guys at least autograph this for us? Where’s the rest of the band?” The
other women asked in a sickly sweet tone.
“They’ll be up soon, or maybe Joe and the others had the good sense the Lord gave them
to take their asses to bed.” He shook his head and tossed the CD back at Debbie.
“Didn’t know he had such a nasty temper.” Debbie rolled her eyes at him and slinked
back over to Dash.
“Sure you don’t want some?” Dash asked. He wasted no time in undressing the brunette
in front of Robert.
Ignoring Dash, Robert went to his room and flopped down on his bed. Things were
starting to get rough again and he didn’t know if he could deal. Although next-door, he
could hear Dash and the women becoming acquainted. Laughter accompanied moans,
and after several moments, there was total silence.
A feeling of need settled over him, making him break out into a cold sweat. Breathing
laboring, he rose from the bed and began pacing the floor. Sleep would not come so
easily tonight. Jade flashed through his mind, but all too soon, her image quickly faded.
Now there was only one thing he wanted, and that was waiting for him right in the next
room, although he fought temptation earlier.
In an attempt to stifle his urge, he opened the refrigerator and grabbed a beer. Leaning
against the wall, he chugged half the bottle down before stopping. Still, that didn’t sate
his desire.
“Oh God, not again.” He grumbled, loosening the buttons on his shirt. There was only
one way to satisfy quench the urge brewing inside him. As much as he wanted to fight it,
he couldn’t, the desire was so intense, it weakened him, always leaving him wanting
Panting like a dog in heat, he recalled the last several moments of his weakness, and
although regretting it horribly, it wasn’t enough to make him decline the divine pleasures
awaiting him next door.

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